What is MAGEN:

The purpose of MAGEN is to protect your phone from being stolen. This product will allow the user to connect to his phone with this site from a differnt computer or phone and activate different functions to stop the thief, recognize him and eventually return your phone.
The thief will not be able to avoid punishment.
MAGEN is a free to use website and application. Follow the Instructions to download the app and learn to use MAGEN.

In case of lost device - features:

When your phone was stolen, you can activate these functions:
1. Recieving location - you will be able to ask for your phone's location at any time. You will know exactly where your phone is even if it is far from you and being held by someone else.
2. Taking a photo - you will be able to recieve a photo from your phone. You can choose if the phone will take a front or back photo and it will be sent to the website.
3. Sending a message - you will be able to type a message and send it to your phone so you can worn the thief.
4. locking your phone - you will be able to lock your phone until you will enter the password in your phone.

phone number: 050-506-5540
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